Dan Jaqua

Assistant Professor of Economics
Albion College
PhD in Economics 2015, University of Michigan

I create answers that can be tested against data.
I teach others to do the same.

My research focuses on interesting incentives, nonlinear pricing and how market structure influences behavior, especially when these issues can answer a question in Public Finance. I teach classes in Econometrics, Microeconomics, Finance, and Statistics. As a consultant I've worked for Bain and  BCG. I also consult independently and do white label work for an economic consulting firm. My clients have included large tech companies, financial institutions, private equity firms and non-profits. My consulting work has covered antitrust litigation, marketing effectiveness, transfer pricing, divestment decisions and firm valuation. Between projects I like to travel, fish, and watch soccer.

My Experience


University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

PhD Economics


Rice University
Houston, TX

BA Economics, Magna Cum Laude


BS Mechanical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude


Work Experience

Albion College
Albion, MI

Assistant Professor of Economics and Management


Albion, MI

Market analysis, organic and paid traffic data, large tech co


The Boston Consulting Group
London, England

Junior Consultant


Bain & Co.
Dallas, Texas

Associate Consultant Intern



611 E Porter St., Albion MI 49224


Example Projects

What I Do

Peer Reviewed Research: Since tax administration is costly, when we correct an externality, should we tax complements and substitutes that are easier to measure?

Whether to use complements and substitutes depends on the type of administrative costs, but the tax depends on the related externalities! Click to read the paper.

Teaching: engaging students with applied projects, like an econometric study of USDA apple data which the student took to job interviews

Read the student apple project.

Read my statement about how I use experiential learning and other techniques

Litigation Support: Is this behavior anti-competitive?

Using econometrics and data on internet traffic, we found evidence to support a litigant involved in an anti-trust case.

Valuation: What price can we pay for company X?

Complete evaluation of company's cash flows and risks. Created a new data set for an under-studied industry to assess risks.

​Download a classroom assignment based on firm valuation